Pallet Furniture

We’ve been having fun recently making pallet furniture! Here’s a selection.. 

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2016 Climate Tipping Point!!

In a recent presentation at the Bloomfield center in Narberth, Andy Atkins, Chair of FOE Europe, broke the distressing news in very stark terms that the tipping point beyond which climate change events would only ever get worse is approaching faster than ever,

Climate Tipping Point,Not so long ago we had 20 years before this point would be upon us, then it was 10 years as the climate scientists admitted temperatures were rising much faster than even their most pessimistic models had anticipated.

Andy now tells us this point is only .. wait for it .. yes you guessed it, only 3 to 4 years away!! It is by 2016/17 that, as a global human community, we must have made many of the necessary policy changes and be well on our way to scaling up the sustainable projects required to begin reversing this trend.

Its widely accepted in the scientific community that human beings cannot sustain life on Earth with more than 350ppm (parts per milllion) CO2 in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, only a couple of weeks ago, we surpassed a threshold of 400ppm!

So what can we do?? One positive action we can take is to support the Energy Bill.

Right now, plans are going through parliament about the future of our energy. But George Osborne is blocking a crucial element: a watertight target for the UK to produce carbon-free electricity by 2030.

Tim Yeo MP, the former Conservative environment minister, has put down a green amendment to the the government’s energy plans. It’s exactly what’s needed to make sure a firm target is in place.

MPs have a choice. Do they stand up for a cleaner, greener Britain, or do they side with Osborne and his dirty fossil fuels? It’s up to us to persuade them to side with Tim Yeo. Can you email your MP now to make sure they support the amendment?

# If the Energy Bill includes a 2030 target for clean energy, it could save the UK up to £25bn.

# Setting a target now could also stop 550 million extra tonnes of carbon from entering our atmosphere.

# If your MP is a Lib Dem, point out that a 2030 target is party policy – so why aren’t they willing to vote for it on June 4th?

This Energy Bill needs a mass of public support and YOUR ACTION if at all possible, to ensure decisions are made that contribute to a positive and sustainable future for all.

Finally, some 3D photos!

3D Double Decker Diner - Bristol Balloon Fiesta

3D Double Decker Diner - Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Loitering Without Intent – (Jim P & Peter A)

A soundbyte of Loitering Without Intent with the awesome Jim on lead guitar .. yeeerr .. turn it up!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – Various friends of mine are SGI Buddhists and I often join in with their chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo which is central to their daily pratice. I couldn’t help but wonder what the chant would sound like with melody and harmonies added. Here’s my first attempt:

Swan Dive (instrumental, Jim P & Peter A)

A pretty full on rocky version ..

Loitering Without Intent – Solo

First publishable attempt at this song, live & solo, with the loop station & vocal harmoniser..

The Empathic Civilisation

Homo Sapien > Homo Evolutis!!

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